We all share
the air

Transforming air quality together

Shair was born out of Ramboll Group, the global environmental consultancy. Harnessing Ramboll’s huge pool of knowledge and expertise, Shair brings together unique models to richly visualize air quality insight from a multitude of sources.

Our mission is to create an accessible 21st century platform bringing every aspect of air quality together in real time, informing decision-makers to enable them to take effective action faster, and allowing people from every walk of life to ask questions and find answers on air quality.

Our purpose

To together reveal the truths of air quality, empowering the ecosystem to act and innovate by answering questions that couldn't be asked before.

Our beliefs

We believe that the key to protecting the resources everyone shares – our planet, our seas, our air – is to share things we’ve tended to keep to ourselves: data, insight, ideas and even mistakes. The air touches each of us, every second of every day. Let’s work together to understand it.

Meet the Shair team

Shair Research and Developer, Justin Bandoro

Justin Bandoro, PhD

Lead Scientist and Developer

Shair Research and Developer, Kurt

Kurt Richman

Frontend Manager

Aya Hassan

Ayah Hassan, EIT

Community Engagement Lead

Technical advisors

Shair Technical Advisor, Shari Beth Libicki

Shari Beth Libicki, PhD

Principal at Ramboll

Shair Technical Advisor, Greg Yarwood

Greg Yarwood, PhD

Principal at Ramboll

Shair Technical advisor, Chris Emery

Chris Emery

Senior Managing Consultant at Ramboll

Contact us

We’re here to answer any questions, any time. If you’d like to talk, or you’re interested in staying up to date with Shair, please send an email to our team at shair@ramboll.com and we’ll be in touch soon.